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how can you keep your nails safe? help em grow longer, look better, and be stronger? well dont ask me! this is the part where Karolina comes in! comment or something please n help us all!!!!! but by what i do know


keep em away from water where gloves if youre gonna have your hands in water


rub vaseline on the nail to keep it strong


kee pressure off of the nail even for the simplest things push buttons with a pencil or something


dont keep polish on too long let your nails breathe


dont clip your nails, file clippin em breaks the nail on the inside a substance that determines how strong the nails is i forgot what its name is but when you clip your nails you break the substance and the nail gets weaker



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Karolina Boczek
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~ Vaseline is not a cream for your nails and cuticles. You should get a proper cuticle oil and nail balsam.

~ Keep them filed once a week.


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