Nail art courses are available on Mondays only. Booking in advance necessary. 

Gel Nail Course  - see description below                                         €499 + student’s kit €200
Acrylic Nail Course - see description below                                     €499 + kit
One day IMPROVER course - gel or acrylic                                    €150
One Stroke Nail Art Course - see description below                        €150 incl. brush and 3 paints 
3D Acrylic Level 1 Nail Art Course                                                   €150 incl. 3D brush and 2 acrylic powders 
Gel Nail Art Course ( mix & match )                                                 €150

GEL NAIL COURSE - Price €499 + student product kit Brillbird €200 (lamp included). Certificate available
Duration: 4 days 
1 day each week (Monday)   
Accredited by Brillbird Ireland & UK. 
Certification from Brillbird
Theory test and practical test required to gain your cert. 5 study cases required. 

ACRYLIC NAIL COURSE - Price €499 + full size product kit Brillbird. Certificate issued by Brillbird Ireland. 
Duration: 4 days
Theory test and practical required. 
5 case studies required to receive certification. 

ONE DAY IMPROVER COURSE - Price €150, no kit included. Bring your products and materials to see how can we improve your work. Checking for lifting, proper filing, shaping and general improving nail extending skills. If you are strugling with something, this course is perfect for you. 

ONE STROKE LEVEL 1 - Price: €150, kit included. Max per class 2. 
Duration:  1 full day ( 10am - 4pm ) One stroke nail art painting is sweeping the nail industry. It's fun and easy and quick. You get a great results from one lesson even though you haven't painted before. This is must have class to attend. 

3D ACRYLIC NAIL ART COURSE - Price €150, kit included. Max per class 2. Duratoin: 1 full day (10 am - 4pm ). Do you know how to learn to create bows and flowers that last for ever? Release your imagination. You can create any shapes and surprise your customers with your skills. Boost your revenues. 

GEL NAIL ART COURSE - Price €150,  kit included. Max per class 2. Duration: 1 day ( 10 am - 4pm ). Have you boght lots of nail art but no idea how to use them? Well, bring them with your brushes and I will show you how to create beautiful designs with nets, feathers, limo, diamonds, wedding nails, free hand painting, foils, leaves. This course is perfect to learn easy and quick salon designs. 

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