Some Fun Nail Facts

* Fingernails grow twice as fast as toenails

* Men's nails grow faster than woman's

* Nails grow fastest on the dominant hand

* Nails grow faster when damaged or bitten

* The longer the finger, the faster the fingernail grows

* Nails grow faster in warm climates, fastest in the summer

* Nails grow at the same rate that the continents move

* The pinkie grows the slowest, followed by the thumb

* After age 20, nail growth slows

* Nails grow faster during pregnancy

* Extreme dieting slows nail growth

( From CND Enhancement Workbook )

How to maintain your enhancements at home?

Let your nail tech do the job. If you brake the nail or it starts to lift, schedule a repair appointment. Do not fix the nail yourself! Improperly gluing down a loose nail can cause it to become trapped between the nail and enhancement and cause the infection. Do not bandage a broken nail as bandages may also trap moisture. Do not file the nail, it will only make it bulky.

Protect your nails by wearing gloves when doing housework. Do not put upward pressure on your nail tips, use some tools to open cans and even dial the phone with end of the pencil.

Cuticle Oil - Solar Oil is a daily necessity as it keeps cuticles supple and moisturised and helps keep pesky hangnails and dry skin at bay.

Do not take them off!!! If you decide you no longer want to wear nail enhancements, do not take them off yourself. Picking and pulling the nails off will damage your natural nail, rip layers from your nail plate, and make regrowth a long, painfull process. Your nail technician can safely remove nail enhancement.

( From )

Few nail myths

Enhancements should be soaked off every so often to give nails to a break ?  There is no reason to remove your enhancements. In fact, this should be avoided, as removing artificial nails can be potentially damaging. Ask your nail tech how to maintain your enhancements between visits, so you don't get any cracks. 

Enhancement ruin natural nails?  Today's nail products are dramatically advanced and don't require your nail tech to damage your natural nails during application or removal. Don't pick, chew or mistreat your enhancements, because that could lead to natural nail damage.

I should bring my own implements to a salon to keep myself from contracting an infection? Let's face it, the environment in your purse (where you're probably storing your nail implements ) is much less sanitary than the environment of a nail salon that complies with your state's rules and regulations for salon sanitation. Instead of bringing your own implements ask the tech if she can supply a set of files just for your nail enhancements.

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